Stephan has outlined some of the protocols we will be following in the shop on his website:

I will be keeping the door locked and allowing people in as their appointments begin, at which point the previous appointment will be long gone, and I will have cleaned the space upon their exit. I will ask that you remove your own jacket, and will keep it over the chair opposite my station, which will be cleaned between visitors. I will be wearing a mask (sourcing reusable) during the service, and ask you to do the same. Please bring your own mask; I will have reusable masks available (upon sourcing), but if you can bring your own reusable mask, it would be greatly appreciated. 

All services will be available. I may sit at social distance while colours are processing so I can have a mask-break. I will use a clean, freshly washed cape and towels with each service, and will use gloves while washing, cutting, and styling if requested. I will not be serving drinks; please bring your own beverage if you would like something. 

I expect you all to protect me and each other by not coming in if you have any symptoms of sickness, are in a situation that leaves you in high risk of exposure, or in a situation where you don’t feel safe in close proximity with me, when I’m going to be in close proximity with others following these guidelines. I hope we can openly talk about this, and that you’ll make good decisions that prioritize all our safety as well as continuing to flatten the curve of infection. I appreciate you all complying with this, as it makes it feel safer for me to be re-opening.


In order to conduct business, I will have to space out my appointments to accommodate cleaning procedures in between each of your visits. Making sure I am able to most efficiently book has meant I have discontinued my online booking system, and will be using Google Calendar. Contacting me for an appointment can be done through text, email, or phone call, though I will respond most quickly to email or text. I have a wait list including everyone who had bookings before closure, and a few people who have requested appointments since. I will add you to the bottom of the waitlist if you like, and will be booking according to this list. If you have any questions about this, please ask.


As you all are well-aware, I’ve been operating at below-market and raising my prices rarely over the course of my self-employment. The costs of doing business have changed for me, in terms of the risks for myself and the literal costs of supplies and time to conduct services safely. I will be increasing my prices on services to make up for the differences in service delivery so I can continue to operate. You can expect to see an increase of roughly 20-25%. These prices will be available on my website, if you’re curious, or you can ask me what your new bill will look like, depending on what we’re doing.


I am looking forward to seeing everyone, and hope that this is just a first step in establishing a new normal of personal service delivery. This is going to be a bit weird in the beginning, but I think it’s an important effort to continuing to keep BC exemplary in low-casualty Covid-19 outcomes. I definitely feel mixed about being forced to work for survival at this time, due to CERB no longer being accessible to my sector. I hope this, among other things, leads us as a country to a universal livable income, and hope you will join me in signing petitions and writing to our government officials about this issue. <3


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